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Lake Zurich Home Remodel

Helping our clients create the home they are dreaming of is our greatest joy! We love knowing their homes are now functioning better for their needs and looking beautiful as well. Our team works hard to not only produce a beautiful result, but we want this experience to be something each client enjoys! We love hearing how happy our clients are with the results, and one of the greatest compliments is a return client!

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The design of your kitchen speaks volumes to the overall design theme of your home. It is an easy place to add big impact design elements. Kitchens can be neutral and timeless or they can be full of vibrant life without being too in your face. One of the easiest areas to impact the design in the kitchen is the backsplash. You can use the backsplash to add not only a clean functional look to your kitchen, but also to add movement, color, and visual interest! A few of the most common options we see at BDS are:


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Choosing Wood Flooring

Flooring can set the stage for the look and feel of your home. Not only do you want to consider the design element of it, but also the practicality of your floor. Every home has different needs when it comes to flooring, and knowing the ins and outs of each type is critical in that decision! Let our knowledgeable team at BDS help you determine which floor not only provides the look you are after, but also which floor will be the best fit for your home!


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What to Consider When Designing Your Home Office

These days it is not uncommon for people to work a few days or every day from home. Not only are adults looking for a functional place to sit down and be productive, but so are our kids. Between homework, tutorials, remote classes, or home school, an organized defined space is what is needed for optimal productivity. Sitting down on the couch with your laptop can be a recipe for an unproductive disaster. There is no better time than now to remodel and create a defined dedicated space that you can work and study in. Here are some things to consider as you plan your home office/study room.

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Kitchen Islands

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. The place the family comes to gather, laugh, and share special moments together. Creating an inviting and functional kitchen helps welcome guests and family members into your space! One of the most versatile additions to a kitchen can be the kitchen island. The island can be a place of prep and function, but it can also be a place for your family and friends to pull up a seat, grab a bite to eat and share the stories of their day.

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Large Showers vs Traditional Bathtubs

Whether you are remodeling a hall bathroom or looking to create a stunning master bathroom, there is a new trend in bathroom renovations. Homeowners are often choosing to forego the traditional bathroom layout, and instead opt for a new functional option! We see bathtubs becoming a debatable bathroom necessity! What do you think, is a bathtub a must or is a large walk-in shower something you dream of?


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Turning Your Basement Into a Home Theater

Looking to turn your basement into a home theater? Building a real home theater is more than just a great tv and sound system, it is about creating a true escape in your home! The place you can go to lean back and enjoy the newest release or that old classic that you have seen time and time again. It can be a room your kids escape to with their friends for a night at the movies, or a great date night with just you and your special one!

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Kitchen Countertops

Nothing tops off an incredible kitchen remodel like the perfect countertops. Not sure what the best countertop material is to fit your lifestyle? With so many decisions it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. Our team at BDS have some details on the top materials used in the Chicago area.

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What to Consider When Remodeling for a Home Gym

Whether you love working out in a gym surrounded by people or the thought of exercising in front of an audience terrifies you, in today’s world getting to the gym can be a real challenge! It can be hard to fit time into our busy schedules to get to the gym, and even then they are often overcrowded or in the world of COVID - not even open! Home gyms are becoming increasingly more popular for today’s families. If you are ready to lose the gym membership, let our team at BDS help you create a functional home gym that you can use in the privacy of your own home! 

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Keeping renovations mess-free and on-track

Let’s face it, the thought of remodeling any area of your home can feel overwhelming. From the mess to coordinating contractors to picking out details, thinking about planning a remodel can exhaust you before you even start!

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