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Featured Project – Lincolnwood Home Addition and Kitchen Remodel

Last week, we took a tour through one of our recent Libertyville basement remodels where water damage from a flood served as a catalyst for adding rooms and higher-end finishes to create the perfect downstairs home haven. This week, we’ll take a look at a Lincolnwood home remodel and addition for a client who needed to update an aging house and create extra space to accommodate their growing family.

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Turning Your Basement into Extra Living Space

There are many reasons to remodel your basement. Maybe you have children, grandchildren, or aging parents moving in and want to create a multi-generational-friendly living space. Maybe your teenage children want their own independent living area. Maybe you simply want to make better use of your space by installing a hobby room. Whatever your renovation reason, we’ve assembled a list of tips for basement remodeling in the Chicago North Shore area.

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Things to Know When Building a Mother-in-Law Suite in the Chicago North Shore Area

Mother-in-law room additions are becoming increasingly popular, in large part due to their versatility. Increased housing costs are prompting many Chicago North Shore area residents to look for less expensive living solutions, and that often means moving back in with family or downsizing living spaces.

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3 Beautiful Home Remodels in the Chicago, IL, Area

Last month, we featured a welcoming and peaceful family room that BDS converted from an outdated, indoor pool room that was turning into a safety hazard for a family with young kids. This month, our project highlights are three recent Chicago area home remodels all completed in a transitional style.            

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What is the True ROI of a Bathroom Addition in the Chicago North Shore Area?

Last week, we spent some time discussing the cost of additions in the Chicago North Shore area. In particular, we looked at these three most common types of home additions: master suites, bathrooms, and decks. But what kind of an ROI can you expect on any of these additions?

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How Much Does an Addition Cost in the Chicago North Shore Area? (2018 Update)

Just how much do home additions cost in the Chicago North Shore area? While the answer of course depends on the scope and size of your project, we’ll look at average costs for mid-range and upscale renovations on three commonly chosen addition projects: the master suite, the bathroom, and the deck.


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Project Highlight: Pool Room Renovated Into Beautiful Family Room for Family in Park Ridge

Setting the Stage

If you’re anything like our recent client in Park Ridge, IL, some rooms in your house are underutilized. For this client, that room was a pool room. The indoor pool was not being used, and it was turning into a safety concern for the homeowners who have kids. Instead, they had hopes of turning the pool room into additional living space for the kids and add an additional bedroom. That’s when they called BDS Design Build Remodel.

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Home Additions: 5 Things to Know Before You Begin

If your family is growing or just needs more space to live comfortably, an addition may be your best bet. Additions can often be more cost effective and hassle free than moves, especially for families not wanting to uproot or abandon a home with fond memories. Before you begin your addition, however, there are several factors to keep in mind.

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