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Primary Bath & Closet Renovation in Libertyville

Sometimes adding an addition to your home is not the best answer or maybe not even an option at all. When you are needing additional space, there may be opportunities within your home to remodel what currently exists to create new space! Our homeowners in Libertyville were looking for additional space for an upstairs primary suite. The first floor dining room was a two-story space, and provided the perfect opportunity to allow our team at BDS to frame in the ceiling and create the perfect additional space for our homeowners. 


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Kitchen Remodel in Libertyville

The current housing market is a hot one, and it is often hard to find exactly what you are looking for in your budget, at the right time, in the right location, and most importantly that will accept your offer! A great option is always to find a home in the right location that has potential to become what you are looking for. Our homeowner recently downsized into a modern condo, and needed to bring the style and functionality up to what they really need and want.


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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022 - Good Housekeeping

You may love to follow new trends, maybe you tend to lean towards what is classic, or maybe you just stay true to your own style! We love to keep you updated on the trends for design for each year, whether that means you go all out trendy or just pick and choose a few trends to blend in with your design. According to Good Housekeeping, here are the trends we will be seeing for 2022 when it comes to design.


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Third Lake Primary Bathroom Remodel

Third Lake Primary Bathroom remodel was a fun space to reimagine! This existing bath was the original to the house. Outdated and in need of maintenance, this bathroom quickly transformed into a modern stylish primary bath for our homeowners. Every remodel has its very own style, and these fun homeowners brought major style into their remodel with modern touches and pops of color!


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Grayslake Primary Suite Remodel

Our Grayslake primary remodel project represented the last space in the home to be renovated since the customer moved in over a decade ago. Knowing they would not be remodeling again for many years to come they wanted to pull out all the stops. They went with a luxurious spa retreat in the bathroom with a custom designed closet that is a homeowner’s dream!


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Libertyville Updated Basement Remodel

At the very beginning of each home remodel, we sit down with our clients to hear their vision and goal for the upcoming project. The goal may be to update an outdated bathroom, add more functionality to a kitchen, or add guest space in a basement. For our Libertyville Basement Remodel, our homeowners were envisioning a great entertaining space. The basement of this home was a blank canvas for our team to work with. Our homeowners had a few requirements that they really wanted to see including a wet bar, tv area with storage, and a stage area for small concerts. This unfinished space had incredible potential, and we couldn’t wait to help create the entertaining space our clients were longing for!


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Renovation Update 2021

The housing market is booming, and many homeowners are opting to remodel their current home rather than trying to battle an overwhelming market. We’ve all watched or heard of home renovations projects that become challenging, but don’t let that deter you from tackling your own home renovation. Our team of professionals at BDS, not only support you during the renovation, but we are here before the project begins and after. We will walk you through each design option and construction decisions, so you never feel alone.


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Keeping Your Pets In Mind When Remodeling Your Home

Not only are pets a part of the family, but oftentimes they are our best friends and important members of the family! All pet owners know there are days we love our pets more than we like some of the people we have to see out and about! So it is no wonder that these days homeowners are making specific design requests to accommodate their fur babies. Our BDS team loves pets, we think our Roxy is of course the best, so we are always excited to team up with a family to make some pet centered designs for their home remodel!


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An Intro to Lighting

Planning the correct lighting is a crucial decision for any remodel. There are so many style options to consider as well as the most important factor which is the functionality of the space. When determining the proper lighting, you must be aware of all the basic elements that come into play. Our team at BDS is here to talk through what your remodel needs from start to finish including all your lighting details. 


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Red Top Home Remodel

Renovation projects come in all sizes and time frames. Some take place one project at a time over many years, and some happen immediately after moving into the home. Our BDS team is happy to help with renovations of any size and any time frame. The Red Top Remodel was looking to update their new house to meet their style as well as modernize some outdated areas of the home. The homeowners took on some initial painting themselves, and  then our BDS team had the pleasure of joining them to tackle the rest! Red Top Remodel was ready to tackle multiple projects in their new home, so our team was able to help renovate the kitchen, three bathrooms, office, family room, as well as the mudroom and then a few additional projects like lighting, painting and additional outlets to really help make this home functional.


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