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Bathroom Remodel for Comfort and Accessibility

The BDS team was given the opportunity to help create an accommodating bathroom space for our homeowner.  The current space was far from accessible, with cramped quarters and outdated fixtures that made everyday tasks a struggle. The BDS team was able to create a beautiful and functional space for our homeowner while meeting the needs that were requested. 


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Primary Bathroom Refresh in Libertyville

When our Libertyville homeowners first moved into their new home, one space stood out like a sore thumb—the primary bathroom. It was a dimly lit cavern with an outdated style that made it feel more like a forgotten closet than a place of relaxation. Our BDS team was able to transform this space with a budget friendly renovation that suited our homeowners perfectly. 


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Libertyville Whole Home Remodel

In the heart of Libertyville, our BDS team transformed this home for its homeowners. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and every space in between, the entire home underwent a top-to-bottom renovation that is nothing short of extraordinary.


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The Winnetka Basement Renovation

The Winnetka Basement renovation was a remarkable 4 year transformation, meticulously addressing a range of issues to create a functional and inviting space for its new owners. This home was rich with history but the infrastructure of the home needed some much needed love and attention. Over the course of several years our BDS team was able to create a functional and inviting haven for its homeowners. 


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Renovation Refresh

When we think of home renovations, we most likely think of a full home gut job, renovations from top to the bottom, and a really expensive project. But that is not usually the case! Our BDS team loves to take home and completely renovate it from top to bottom, but sometimes the timing or the budget just don’t allow for that. A home can just need a refresh of the existing design without changing out the structure of the room. The BDS team is always happy to take on a home refresh!


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Celebrating 20 Years

20 years! It goes by in the blink of an eye when you love what you are doing. At the same time, our BDS team has worked hard over the years to learn and grow to better serve our homeowners. 


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Glenview Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen is often the heart of the project. It's where families gather, meals are prepared, and memories are made. In the case of this Glenview kitchen remodel, the transformation was nothing short of stunning. The homeowners faced several challenges with their previous kitchen layout, but the expert team at BDS took on the task of creating a space that not only addressed those issues but also added a touch of luxury and functionality. Join us on a journey through this remarkable kitchen makeover.


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Libertyville Home Renovation

Our BDS Team was excited to help our homeowners turn their newly purchased house into a home that perfectly reflects their style and personality. These Libertyville homeowners were determined to give their new home a much-needed interior refresh. The goal was to create a space that truly felt like their own - a haven of comfort, elegance, and functionality.


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Primary Suite Renovation in Lake Bluff

Your primary suite should be a sanctuary, a place where you can escape the stresses of the day and unwind in ultimate comfort. The BDS design team recently revamped a primary suite to reflect the homeowners' desire for an updated and stylish space.The team also tackled exterior updates to a luxurious home with beautiful finishes and an open, airy design. Every detail was carefully coordinated to create a haven that welcomes you home. 


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Libertyville Kitchen Remodel

In the world of home renovations, there's a constant desire for change and modernization. Homeowners are seeking open, spacious layouts that allow for seamless movement and unobstructed sightlines. The BDS team recently undertook an ambitious project in Libertyville, where they successfully transformed a dated kitchen and dining area into a functional and visually captivating space. By reconfiguring the layout, removing obstructive elements, and incorporating contemporary design elements, the team breathed new life into this home.


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