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How Much does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Chicago?

The best way to obtain an accurate kitchen remodel quote, of course, is to contact your Chicago contractor for an in-home consultation. Before placing this call, however, many of our clients prefer to research ballpark figures of remodeling costs and plan their budgets accordingly. This post will provide you with area-specific information for 2023 kitchen remodel projects of different scopes and sizes in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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Kitchen Islands

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. The place the family comes to gather, laugh, and share special moments together. Creating an inviting and functional kitchen helps welcome guests and family members into your space! One of the most versatile additions to a kitchen can be the kitchen island. The island can be a place of prep and function, but it can also be a place for your family and friends to pull up a seat, grab a bite to eat and share the stories of their day.

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How Finishes Affect the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the reasons you’ll find such diverse price estimations for kitchen remodels when you search online is that there’s an immense variety of finishes. Costs vary drastically based on the square footage of your Chicago North Shore area kitchen, the quality and availability of each finish, and the surface areas they cover.

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Steaming News! What You Need to Know About Steam Ovens in 2018

Sometimes the newest trends have deep historical roots. The idea of using steam to cook food has been around for thousands of years, but it’s taken on quite a new look these days—and it’s growing in popularity.  Why are steam ovens so popular now; and is it the right choice for your North Shore kitchen remodel? Let’s look at what you need to know about steam ovens in 2018.

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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Add to the Value of Your Chicago Home?

According to US News, updating kitchens and bathrooms is the best way to interest potential home buyers after general maintenance has been addressed. While kitchen remodel value can certainly be assessed based on its ability to make an entire home more attractive to potential buyers, we’ve also gathered concrete numbers on kitchen remodeling investments and resale values for the Chicago North Shore area. Of course, the cost recoup of a project is directly correlative to its scope, so we’ve divided projects into three categories: minor midrange remodels, major midrange remodels, and major upscale remodels.

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Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Amazing

Just as the kitchen has been dubbed the heart of the home, so too are cabinets considered the heart of the kitchen. Because they consume the largest visual space in your kitchen, cabinets are the most important feature to get right. Here are five secrets that will make the cabinets in your Chicago North Shore area home renovation look phenomenal.

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Why We Love Shaker Cabinets (And You Should Too!)

According to a 2012 Houzz article, Shaker cabinets are the most popular kitchen cabinet style selection, and this is as true today as it was five years ago. As many of our own clients’ homes attest, Shaker kitchen cabinets in Chicago pair well with a wide variety of aesthetic styles, from transitional and contemporary to farmhouse and traditional. Yet their adaptability of design doesn’t equate to a feebleness of identity. Shaker cabinets have a strong aesthetic with characteristic features.

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7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Signs are like symptoms. They are physical manifestations that indicate deeper issues. Today, let’s look at seven of the tell-tale signs indicating that you need to remodel your kitchen cabinets in your Chicago North Shore area home to restore it to full functionality.

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Featured Project – Lincolnwood Home Addition and Kitchen Remodel

Last week, we took a tour through one of our recent Libertyville basement remodels where water damage from a flood served as a catalyst for adding rooms and higher-end finishes to create the perfect downstairs home haven. This week, we’ll take a look at a Lincolnwood home remodel and addition for a client who needed to update an aging house and create extra space to accommodate their growing family.

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Ideal Kitchen Layout: What are Your Options and Which Should You Choose

Let's take a look at all basic kitchen floor plans and discuss how you can choose the ideal kitchen layout for your Chicago North Shore area home.

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