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Keeping renovations mess-free and on-track

Let’s face it, the thought of remodeling any area of your home can feel overwhelming. From the mess to coordinating contractors to picking out details, thinking about planning a remodel can exhaust you before you even start!

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How to Protect Your Home From Dust During A Remodeling Project

One of the most common complaints during a home remodeling project is dust. It's easy for dust to spread throughout an entire home - no matter what room is being remodeled. At BDS, we actively take steps to prevent spreading dust throughout your whole home - and here are our top strategies for limiting dust.

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How Finishes Affect the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the reasons you’ll find such diverse price estimations for kitchen remodels when you search online is that there’s an immense variety of finishes. Costs vary drastically based on the square footage of your Chicago North Shore area kitchen, the quality and availability of each finish, and the surface areas they cover.

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Which Home Remodels Offer the Best ROI

Whether you want to ready your home for resale or you want to be sure that your personal projects add to its market value in the long term, it’s smart to research national and Chicago North Shore area ROIs for each home improvement project you’re considering. Today, we’ll synthesize statistics and advice from some of the largest and most reliable financial sources for home improvements: U.S. News and World Report, Bankrate, Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value, and Forbes.   

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Steaming News! What You Need to Know About Steam Ovens in 2018

Sometimes the newest trends have deep historical roots. The idea of using steam to cook food has been around for thousands of years, but it’s taken on quite a new look these days—and it’s growing in popularity.  Why are steam ovens so popular now; and is it the right choice for your North Shore kitchen remodel? Let’s look at what you need to know about steam ovens in 2018.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Remodel Part 2: Construction

In last week’s blog , we gave you six “don’ts” to help you avoid common budgeting blunders for your home remodel. This week, we’re giving you five “don’ts” to help you veer clear of construction chaos.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Remodel Part 1: Budget

Beyond Googling project prices and allocating estimated finances, most Chicago North Shore home-owners don’t know all the steps involved in planning budgets for a successful home remodel. Today, we’ve compiled a list of “don’ts” to help you avoid financial mishaps before and during your remodel.

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Turning Your Basement into Extra Living Space

There are many reasons to remodel your basement. Maybe you have children, grandchildren, or aging parents moving in and want to create a multi-generational-friendly living space. Maybe your teenage children want their own independent living area. Maybe you simply want to make better use of your space by installing a hobby room. Whatever your renovation reason, we’ve assembled a list of tips for basement remodeling in the Chicago North Shore area.

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Kitchen Island Design and Layout Ideas

Kitchens are by far the busiest zone in the home. Because of this, your kitchen remodel in the Chicago North Shore area can demand more planning time than any other area of your home. Let’s go over some basic design and layout ideas for what has become one of the building blocks of many kitchens: the island.

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Things to Know When Building a Mother-in-Law Suite in the Chicago North Shore Area

Mother-in-law room additions are becoming increasingly popular, in large part due to their versatility. Increased housing costs are prompting many Chicago North Shore area residents to look for less expensive living solutions, and that often means moving back in with family or downsizing living spaces.

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