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Libertyville Whole Home Remodel

By Bryan Slowick | Feb 07, 2024

In the heart of Libertyville, our BDS team transformed this home for its homeowners. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and every space in between, the entire home underwent a top-to-bottom renovation that is nothing short of extraordinary.






The focal point of this Libertyville home's renovation was undoubtedly the kitchen. Our team completely revamped the space, aiming to create a bright and open atmosphere. With modern design elements and thoughtful touches, the kitchen is now functional and beautiful. The installation of an adjacent banquet eating area ensures ample seating for the family, fostering a warm and inviting environment for shared meals and gatherings while also fitting the space perfectly.


BDS LibertyB 014-min

BDS LibertyB 012





Natural light has the incredible power to transform any space, and this home is no exception. Our remodeling efforts included the strategic placement of new doors and windows, allowing sunlight to flood the interior. The result is a home that feels not only refreshed but also illuminated with the vibrancy of natural light, creating an uplifting ambiance throughout.


BDS LibertyB 026-min




a fresh new space

The BDS team upgraded the bathroom creating a fresh new space. New fixtures were carefully selected to bring a touch of modern elegance, while the shower received a complete update to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. The bathroom now stands as a clean and beautifully updated room.


BDS LibertyB 032-min




cohesive wood flooring

The foundation of any home's interior design lies in its flooring, and this Libertyville residence is no exception. Our team chose a rich and warm color palette for the flooring, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The revamped flooring serves as the perfect complement to the overall design, tying together the various elements of the remodeled space.


BDS LibertyB 006-min


The Libertyville home, once a canvas of possibilities, has now been transformed into a masterpiece of design and functionality. The BDS team was able to update the kitchen, rejuvenate the bathroom, and tie it all together with cohesive flooring. If you are ready to freshen up your home, our BDS design team would love to create a beautiful space for all your needs.


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