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Primary Bathroom Refresh in Libertyville

By Bryan Slowick | Feb 22, 2024

When our Libertyville homeowners first moved into their new home, one space stood out like a sore thumb—the primary bathroom. It was a dimly lit cavern with an outdated style that made it feel more like a forgotten closet than a place of relaxation. Our BDS team was able to transform this space with a budget friendly renovation that suited our homeowners perfectly. 





bringing in a modern color

The BDS team was able to refresh the existing vanity with a fresh coat of paint that breathed new life into the bathroom. Opting for a modern color helped to instantly update its look, giving the bathroom a much-needed facelift without breaking the bank. The BDS team was also able to brighten up the cold stark bathroom by adding a little warmth to the design. Our team introduced warm tones through paint and accessories to help soften the harshness, creating a cozy atmosphere that instantly made the room feel more inviting.


BDS School 002art-1




Removing the outdated shower enclosure

But perhaps the most significant transformation to this Libertyville bathroom came with the decision to open up the shower alcove. By removing the outdated shower enclosure, our homeowners not only gained valuable space but also allowed for better light and sight lines. The once cramped and claustrophobic area now felt expansive and airy—a true game-changer for the entire room.


BDS School 007art-1




modern details for a cohesive look

To maintain a cohesive look, the BDS team carefully selected new materials and fixtures that complemented the homeowners updated style. From sleek faucets to modern hardware, every detail was chosen with intention to ensure a seamless transition from old to new. We installed additional fixtures to brighten up the space and enhance its warmth. And to add a touch of natural charm, the team incorporated wood-tone shelving and floor tiles, bringing a hint of the outdoors inside.


BDS School 001art-1



The end result for our homeowners was an updated and stunning bathroom that blended with the rest of the home. By refreshing the existing vanity, the BDS team was able help the budget while still creating a fresh new design. 



Call our team today to get started! 


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