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Turning Your Basement Into a Home Theater

Looking to turn your basement into a home theater? Building a real home theater is more than just a great tv and sound system, it is about creating a true escape in your home! The place you can go to lean back and enjoy the newest release or that old classic that you have seen time and time again. It can be a room your kids escape to with their friends for a night at the movies, or a great date night with just you and your special one!

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Chicago Basement Remodel is a Success


1. Craft a Detailed Contract

The most crucial way to set your basement remodel in the Chicago North shore area up for success is to work with your contractor to create a detailed contract. Among other things, your contract should specify the scope of the work, material selections, and an estimated timeline for completion. 

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Featured Project – Libertyville Basement Remodel

Basement remodels require a fraction of the funds that home additions demand making them one of the most attractive places to add usable square footage to your home in the form of family rooms, extra bedrooms, and hobby areas. Knowing how to transform your basement, however, can be tricky. How do you design a space tailored to your specific needs? Where do you spend and where do you save? How do you ensure your basement is an attractive area to spend time?

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Featured Project – Libertyville Basement is Transformed Into Amazing Family Space

As is often the case in home remodels, misfortune can be the catalyst for positive change. When our recent client’s basement flooded, they decided not just to repair the damage but rather to take the opportunity to update and expand their space to house their hobbies and design the perfect place to relax after a long day. We’re excited to share the finished product of our basement remodel in Libertyville, IL, with you.

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Turning Your Basement into Extra Living Space

There are many reasons to remodel your basement. Maybe you have children, grandchildren, or aging parents moving in and want to create a multi-generational-friendly living space. Maybe your teenage children want their own independent living area. Maybe you simply want to make better use of your space by installing a hobby room. Whatever your renovation reason, we’ve assembled a list of tips for basement remodeling in the Chicago North Shore area.

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Things to Know When Building a Mother-in-Law Suite in the Chicago North Shore Area

Mother-in-law room additions are becoming increasingly popular, in large part due to their versatility. Increased housing costs are prompting many Chicago North Shore area residents to look for less expensive living solutions, and that often means moving back in with family or downsizing living spaces.

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8 Flooring Options to Consider for Your Next Home Remodel

There are essentially three mainstream flooring options in use today: wood, tile, and carpet. Even within these three reliable materials, however, there is great variation. We’ve assembled a brief guide explaining the pros, cons, and best uses of each.

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Why a Basement Remodel is a Wise Investment in the North Shore Chicago Area

Basement Remodels have become increasingly popular for all sorts of reasons. Some home owners want “spa-like bathroom retreats, children’s playrooms, workout areas, billiard rooms and glamorous home offices.” Why this recent rise in remodel popularity? Because basement remodels are financially sound expansion-oriented areas.

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