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Libertyville Mudroom Remodel

By Bryan Slowick | Apr 28, 2024

Our Libertyville homeowners found themselves in a common dilemma: their laundry room lacked functionality despite having the right space. The laundry and mudroom, crucial hubs of activity for any busy household, were simply not meeting the needs of this busy family. The BDS team was able to help transform this mudroom to better serve them while also creating a beautifully designed space.





a Space reimagined

The project began with a comprehensive assessment of the existing space. While the square footage was adequate, the layout and flow were less than ideal. The team at BDS recognized the importance of creating functional entrances that seamlessly integrated with the family's lifestyle. With the homeowners' blessing, they set out to reimagine the space, starting with the creation of new entry points.


BDS Hackberry 006





One of the key enhancements was the addition of a covered external entrance from the driveway. This thoughtful addition not only provided convenient access to the mudroom but also shielded the entryway from the elements, ensuring that muddy boots and wet jackets wouldn't track through the house on rainy days. Additionally, the garage entrance was redesigned to optimize space, and a charming barn door entrance to the hall was installed, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing style.


BDS Hackberry 001





The BDS team created custom-built cabinetry and cubbies as the central focus of this project. These meticulously crafted storage solutions were tailored to the family's specific needs, offering ample space to stow away clutter and sports gear. With designated compartments for shoes, coats, and backpacks, the once chaotic mudroom was transformed into an oasis of organization.


BDS Hackberry 003





But functionality wasn't the only focus of this renovation; aesthetics played a significant role as well. The BDS team wanted to create a space with personality and charm, so the team opted for a stunning pop of color and patterned tile flooring. The vibrant hues and intricate designs not only added visual interest but also created a lively atmosphere that reflected the family's style.


BDS Hackberry 015


The end result was a mudroom that not only met but exceeded the family's expectations. What was once a utilitarian space has been reimagined as a stylish and efficient hub that seamlessly flows with their daily lives. From busy mornings rushing out the door to leisurely evenings spent unwinding at home, this transformed mudroom is the perfect design for our Libertyville homeowners. 


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