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How Much does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Chicago?

The best way to obtain an accurate kitchen remodel quote, of course, is to contact your Chicago contractor for an in-home consultation. Before placing this call, however, many of our clients prefer to research ballpark figures of remodeling costs and plan their budgets accordingly. This post will provide you with area-specific information for 2018 kitchen remodel projects of different scopes and sizes in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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How Finishes Affect the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the reasons you’ll find such diverse price estimations for kitchen remodels when you search online is that there’s an immense variety of finishes. Costs vary drastically based on the square footage of your Chicago North Shore area kitchen, the quality and availability of each finish, and the surface areas they cover.

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Which Home Remodels Offer the Best ROI

Whether you want to ready your home for resale or you want to be sure that your personal projects add to its market value in the long term, it’s smart to research national and Chicago North Shore area ROIs for each home improvement project you’re considering. Today, we’ll synthesize statistics and advice from some of the largest and most reliable financial sources for home improvements: U.S. News and World Report, Bankrate, Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value, and Forbes.   

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Steaming News! What You Need to Know About Steam Ovens in 2018

Sometimes the newest trends have deep historical roots. The idea of using steam to cook food has been around for thousands of years, but it’s taken on quite a new look these days—and it’s growing in popularity.  Why are steam ovens so popular now; and is it the right choice for your North Shore kitchen remodel? Let’s look at what you need to know about steam ovens in 2018.

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3 Reasons to Work with a Design Build Firm

3 Reasons to Work with a Design-Build Firm for Your Chicago North Shore Remodel

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What Does a Home Addition Cost in The Chicago North Shore 2018?

When your current layout just doesn’t afford enough space, it’s time to consider an addition. Chicago North Shore area home addition costs in 2018 vary widely depending on the type and size of the addition you’re considering. Nevertheless, to give our clients a starting point for planning, we’ve assembled statistics on two of the most common types of addition projects: bathroom additions and master suite additions.

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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Add to the Value of Your Chicago Home?

According to US News, updating kitchens and bathrooms is the best way to interest potential home buyers after general maintenance has been addressed. While kitchen remodel value can certainly be assessed based on its ability to make an entire home more attractive to potential buyers, we’ve also gathered concrete numbers on kitchen remodeling investments and resale values for the Chicago North Shore area. Of course, the cost recoup of a project is directly correlative to its scope, so we’ve divided projects into three categories: minor midrange remodels, major midrange remodels, and major upscale remodels.

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6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Sanity During A Remodel

1. Know Your Contractor’s Daily Schedule

One of the easiest ways to keep your sanity while living in home during a remodel is to know what to expect. This advice may sound obvious, but unfortunately, lack of preparation and unrealistic assumptions are both common for first-time remodelers in the Chicago North Shore area, and nothing is more stress-inducing than unmet expectations.

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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in Chicago's North Shore (2018)?

As children, most of us found “The Guinness Book of World Records” fascinating, particularly when the records coincided with our own ambitions and interests. Some might suppose that statistics are categorically boring, but nothing is farther from the truth when the reader has a vested interest in them. Today, we’ve assembled statistics that our remodeling-minded readers will appreciate: statistics on bathroom remodel costs in the Chicago North Shore area.

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Home Remodeling Tax Deductions for Homes in the North Shore Chicago Area

Bryan Slowick | Jan 24, 2018 | Finance

With 2017 behind us, it’s time to begin planning for the upcoming April tax season. Taxes aren’t anyone’s favorite subject, but we do have some news you’ll like: if you completed a large-scale home remodeling project with a Chicago North Shore area remodeler in the last year, you may be able to take advantage of home improvement tax credits and tax deductions for 2017. Our research shows that there are three types of home improvements that qualify for tax breaks:

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