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Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Amazing

By Bryan Slowick | Jan 10, 2018

Just as the kitchen has been dubbed the heart of the home, so too are cabinets considered the heart of the kitchen. Because they consume the largest visual space in your kitchen, cabinets are the most important feature to get right. Here are five secrets that will make the cabinets in your Chicago North Shore area home renovation look phenomenal.


1. Introduce a Two-Toned Color Scheme

NAHB now predicts that two-toned cabinets will be one of the hottest kitchen trends in 2018. Most often, these two cabinet color choices are closely related tones that would be found within the same palette. For example, pairing a medium gray with a dark gray is common practice we are seeing going into the new year. In general, 2018 favors darker and more saturated colors. Selecting two-tone cabinets will automatically give your kitchen a cutting-edge vibe.


2. Add Glass Cabinets and Backlighting

To make your kitchen even more dynamic, vary your cabinet door selection by introducing glass cabinet faces in some areas (e.g. upper cabinets). Then, literally highlight this variation by installing small cabinet lights that will spotlight special dishes or other display items. (Practically speaking, it’s also an excellent idea to install under-cabinet lighting to illumine work spaces.)


3. Select a Statement Accent to Pair with Your Cabinets

Another indirect way to make your kitchen cabinets stand out is to select a statement accent piece to install nearby. For example, a tile backsplash with a high gloss, interesting pattern, or tasteful splash of color can do more to highlight your cabinet choices than a sheer wall. In our recent Lincolnwood, IL, remodel, we highlighted our cabinets by pairing them with a rustic wood island siding.


4. Don’t Try to Save on Your Countertop Material

In the same way that tile backsplashes and eye-catching island sidings highlight your cabinets, your kitchen countertop also influences your cabinet appearance. For instance, a quartz countertop will make your cabinetry appear much higher grade than a linoleum top. Here are our recommendations for choosing your own countertop.


5. Quality Shows—Make Sure Your Materials are High Grade

Finally, remember this: quality shows. Even though you may opt for painted cabinets, this doesn’t mean that paint will disguise a lower-grade material selection. If your budget allows, select a solid hardwood such as ash, birch, cherry, red oak, white oak, etc. Here’s our complete guide on material and hardware selection for your kitchen cabinets in Chicago. Don’t skimp where it counts, and your kitchen, this means taking good care to select solid cabinets.

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