Turning Your Basement Into a Home Theater

By Bryan Slowick | Jul 31, 2020

Looking to turn your basement into a home theater? Building a real home theater is more than just a great tv and sound system, it is about creating a true escape in your home! The place you can go to lean back and enjoy the newest release or that old classic that you have seen time and time again. It can be a room your kids escape to with their friends for a night at the movies, or a great date night with just you and your special one!



Home theaters require an isolated space. Basements are a great location for this dedicated space. You want your home theater to be free of the distractions of home and whatever is outside!




Our team will help create the perfect sound protection for your home theater, so when you are enjoying your movie, the rest of the house can be business as usual. QuietRock drywall, foam or fiberglass insulation in the ceiling cavity or stud bays all help. Layering sound protection on the ceilings and walls keep loud movies from causing disruptions throughout the home.




Not only do you want to protect the rest of the home from feeling like they are in the middle of your favorite movie, but you will also want to enjoy the true luxury of theater sound while watching. Acoustical panels on walls and carpet will help create the perfect environment to feel like you are truly in the movie.




There is no better way to watch your movie but in the dark. Your home theater is the one room of your home that you want to avoid the beautiful natural light we are typically looking for! You will want your space to be dark for the show, but there needs to be some lighting to set the mood before the movie begins! Step riser lights, cove lighting, and dimmers help create zones of light to help you find your way, but keep light off the screen.



There are lots of options to consider when planning out your home theater! There are great large screen retractable projection screens or you may opt to use a large tv on the wall. There are also a range of options when it comes to wireless speakers for spaces or ipad controllable smart systems with built in speakers. When considering what equipment you are using, you need to plan through the ventilation and storage of this equipment. Not tech savvy, no worries, that is why our team at BDS is here to help on this journey. We will talk through all the options with you, and see what is the best fit for your space and desires!



You may be drawn to the vintage feel of a classic theater, or you may be looking for a more modern clean home theater. A classic approach may lean towards dark velvet walls, or you may opt for a clean dark paint color to set the mood. Seating can be teared stadium style with theatre recliners. You can also mix in theatre recliners with sectional seating and bonus bean bags down front for the kids. There are so many options to layout a great space with optimal seating for you and your guests.



No theater is complete without some fun elements! Add a drink chiller to keep refreshments well stocked. Adding special touches like a candy station or popcorn machine can top off your home theater, and you may never want to visit the big cinema ever again!


Don’t let the details overwhelm you, our team knows just what it takes to create an incredible home theater in your home! Before long you will be smelling the popcorn waiting for you in the comfort of your new theater space. The team at BDS is ready to make your home theater dream a reality!


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