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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Remodel Part 2: Construction

In last week’s blog , we gave you six “don’ts” to help you avoid common budgeting blunders for your home remodel. This week, we’re giving you five “don’ts” to help you veer clear of construction chaos.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Remodel Part 1: Budget

Beyond Googling project prices and allocating estimated finances, most Chicago North Shore home-owners don’t know all the steps involved in planning budgets for a successful home remodel. Today, we’ve compiled a list of “don’ts” to help you avoid financial mishaps before and during your remodel.

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Turning Your Basement into Extra Living Space

There are many reasons to remodel your basement. Maybe you have children, grandchildren, or aging parents moving in and want to create a multi-generational-friendly living space. Maybe your teenage children want their own independent living area. Maybe you simply want to make better use of your space by installing a hobby room. Whatever your renovation reason, we’ve assembled a list of tips for basement remodeling in the Chicago North Shore area.

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Things to Know When Building a Mother-in-Law Suite in the Chicago North Shore Area

Mother-in-law room additions are becoming increasingly popular, in large part due to their versatility. Increased housing costs are prompting many Chicago North Shore area residents to look for less expensive living solutions, and that often means moving back in with family or downsizing living spaces.

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8 Flooring Options to Consider for Your Next Home Remodel

There are essentially three mainstream flooring options in use today: wood, tile, and carpet. Even within these three reliable materials, however, there is great variation. We’ve assembled a brief guide explaining the pros, cons, and best uses of each.

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What is the Average ROI for a Kitchen Remodel in the Chicago North Shore Area?

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

We’d all love a kitchen make-over. Who doesn’t want to improve the work flow, lighting, and overall ambiance in what many have called the heart of the home? When it comes to home improvement, kitchens are often a top priority for home owners and buyers alike. But is the financial return worth the investment?

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3 Beautiful Home Remodels in the Chicago, IL, Area

Last month, we featured a welcoming and peaceful family room that BDS converted from an outdated, indoor pool room that was turning into a safety hazard for a family with young kids. This month, our project highlights are three recent Chicago area home remodels all completed in a transitional style.            

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Why Do Our Clients Keep Coming Back? We Build Relationships and Trust

Our Story

Meet Bryan, the owner of BDS Design Build Remodel. Bryan started BDS in 2003, but his experience in the industry began long before. With a degree in architecture and 7 years on-site experience working construction, Bryan was uniquely prepared to start his own business as a licensed design-build contractor and competently oversee all projects from beginning to end. 

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What is the True ROI of a Bathroom Addition in the Chicago North Shore Area?

Last week, we spent some time discussing the cost of additions in the Chicago North Shore area. In particular, we looked at these three most common types of home additions: master suites, bathrooms, and decks. But what kind of an ROI can you expect on any of these additions?

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BDS is Proud to Announce Two Chrysalis Award Wins in 2017

To receive one Chrysalis Award is quite an honor, but to snap up two of them is what BDS Design Build Remodel just did. We made a commitment to excellence when we first founded BDS Design Build Remodel in 2003. That commitment is reflected in every home project we take on, whether large or small, and it is a commitment that just earned us nation-wide public recognition.

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