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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Remodel Part 2: Construction

By Bryan Slowick | Oct 11, 2017

In last week’s blog , we gave you six “don’ts” to help you avoid common budgeting blunders for your home remodel. This week, we’re giving you five “don’ts” to help you veer clear of construction chaos.

Don’t Get Locked into the Home’s Current Layout

Sometimes, you know you need a change but you’re not sure of the best way to accomplish it. Complaints of outdated kitchen fixtures, for example, can be topically addressed by replacing cabinetry, countertops, and appliances.

But while you can certainly enjoy the benefits of simple updates, it’s likely that you can enjoy even greater benefits by dreaming beyond the home’s current layout constraints. For instance, don’t overlook the possibility that you could increase your kitchen’s flow and functionality by reimagining its layout or even relocating it to a different area in your house.

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Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Own Ideas

By the same token, however, don’t bank on every one of your ideas panning out. It may be that relocating fixtures will entail extensively rerouting electrical and plumbing lines, which may in turn up your project price more than you’re willing to pay.

Or it may be that your home designer will propose an idea you might not have considered but will end up loving. In both the challenges and the rewards, it’s wise to remain flexible in your own ideas so that you can adapt to directional decisions that are ultimately in your best interests.

Don’t Marry the Spirit of the Times

It’s been said that he who marries the spirit of the age will end up a widower. The same is true of your home design. Don’t over indulge in trends that are fleeting and will leave you with rapidly depreciating home installments.

This doesn’t mean every trend should be avoided. In fact, some can be quite beneficial. But it does mean that you’ll want to consult your designer and think carefully through the long-term ramifications of your stylistic decisions to help you design a space that will remain attractive and functional for decades.

Don’t Try to Do Too Much

Hand-in-hand with the caution of avoiding marrying the spirit of the age is the caution of not trying to do too much. You may have envisioned a drastic change to your home that simply doesn’t match its innate architectural and stylistic constraints. Instead of fighting against these innate limitations, work with them as assets and use them to check and balance your new design ideas against your home’s intrinsic guidelines.

Don’t Neglect the “Guts”

Finally, remember that updating what you can’t see and what isn’t obvious is just as essential as updating what you can see. In fact, renovating surface elements in your home is often the perfect time to renovate interior elements such as HVAC systems or even windows, appliances, and fixtures with newer and more energy efficient models. We have a wealth of experience with various installment options and are happy to help you navigate your decisions as you plan your Chicago North shore area home remodel.

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