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How Much Does an Addition Cost in the Chicago North Shore Area? (2018 Update)

By Bryan Slowick | May 24, 2017

Just how much do home additions cost in the Chicago North Shore area? While the answer of course depends on the scope and size of your project, we’ll look at average costs for mid-range and upscale renovations on three commonly chosen addition projects: the master suite, the bathroom, and the deck.


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(The figures cited here are according to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report [www.costvsvalue.com] for the Chicago, IL, area. [© 2018 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at www.costvsvalue.com.]

Cost of a Master Suite Addition

Mid-range master suite home additions typically cost an average of $$125,618.This estimate is based on a 24-by-16-foot room with carpeted flooring and general and spot lighting. The room also comes complete with a walk-in closet and bathroom with ceramic tile, a freestanding soaker tub, a separate shower, a duel vanity with a solid-surface counter-top, and an exhaust fan.

In comparison, upscale master suite additions come in at an average of $260,635. This price buys a larger, 32-by-20 foot area with a main room, a sitting room, custom bookcases and built-in storage, French doors, and a high-end gas fireplace; a hospitality bar with an under-counter refrigerator, a microwave, and custom cabinetry with a granite or marble counter-top; and a large walk-in closet with linen storage and a bathroom.

The bathroom features a frameless walk-in shower, a freestanding soaker tub, two sinks, stone throughout, and a partitioned-off, luxury, one-piece toilet. The price also includes soundproofing, in-floor heating, general and spot lighting with controls, and custom hardware and wall finishes throughout.

Cost of a Bathroom Addition

Mid-range bathroom additions are quoted at an average of$45,980. This buys a 6-by-8 foot bathroom with ceramic tile flooring, a fiberglass tub/shower, a cultured marble vanity top and sink, a mirrored medicine cabinet, a low-profile toilet, general and spot lighting, and a linen storage closet.

Upscale bathroom additions typically cost an average of $85,904, which purchases a 100-square foot master bathroom with large ceramic tile flooring, a frameless glass, neo-angle shower, a freestanding soaker tub, a stone counter-top with two sinks and mirrored medicine cabinets above a custom drawer base, and a compartmentalized commode with a one-piece toilet. The room features a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan, general and spot lighting, and in-floor heating.

Cost of a Deck Addition

Finally, mid-range deck additions made from wood to create a 16-by-20 foot area come in at an average of $11,149. Mid-range deck additions with the same size specs but made from composite materials cost an average of $17,851. Upscale deck additions made from composite materials are quoted at an average of $43,621. This price is also based on a 16-by-20 foot area but assumes several extra trimming and decorative features, including seating, railing, planters, lights, etc.

Closing Thoughts

With the weather warming, it’s time to consider what you can do with the outside of your home as well as its inside. Sometimes, that means adding extra square footage because at times, you can’t rearrange or remodel your home into a space that suits your needs. Instead, you need to think outside the box; you need to think about an addition.

If, like most Chicago North Shore area residents who have added additions, you are contemplating a bedroom, bathroom, or deck addition, the prices listed above are an excellent resource for your own pocket book planning.

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