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When Is the Best Time to Remodel in Chicago?

By Bryan Slowick | Oct 03, 2018

As summer turns to fall, homeowners are returning from vacations, settling into work routines and school schedules, and quite likely considering the projects they wish they’d had time to tackle during the summer. But there’s good news--it isn’t too late. While many people assume that summer is the ideal season to address house improvements, the truth is that each season has its own advantage when it comes to remodeling in the Chicago North Shore area. Today, we’ll take a look at the unique remodeling opportunities for spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Spring is the most popular home remodeling season for a reason. With new life burgeoning all around us, it’s natural to want to freshen and inspirit our homes as well. Since spring is the busy season for contractors, you may end up paying a little extra for time and materials, but it’s well worth being able to enjoy your new outdoor deck or three-seasons room during the summer months.


If you’ve ever lived through a remodel, you’ll be aware that they inevitably add a little extra mess and noise to your daily life. Because of this, you may want to plan major indoor remodels during summer months when you can enjoy being out of the house more than you would be during other seasons.

In fact, summer vacations can be the perfect time to schedule major indoor remodels for areas like your kitchen and bathrooms that are in constant use. In the past, homeowners may have felt more comfortable remaining on-premise during home remodeling projects, but today’s technologies enable you to check in regularly with your contractor via phone and or, in some cases, an app! In fact, not being on site allows you both to relax and to get even more enjoyment out of the big reveal when you return home. (Check out helpful hints from the Houzz community on long-distance remodeling.)


Although much that we discussed of summer is applicable also to early fall, late fall boasts some unique benefits of its own since it’s an off-season. Most homeowners want to have their remodels completed before the holiday season begins, so if you’re not planning on hosting family get-togethers this year, you can take advantage of shorter wait times because most people opt for remodeling during the spring or summer.


While it may seem counterintuitive, winter is a great time for additions if temperatures aren’t bitterly cold. Provided that weather patterns are fairly predictable without a lot of freezing and thawing, winter can be a great time to simultaneously take advantage of an off-season and use the weather to your advantage. It is also the perfect time to do interior work that doesn't require much outdoor labor.

The Best Season

Each season has its own unique house improvement perks, but there’s still one season that’s best for you as a homeowner, and that’s the season that aligns best for you and your top-choice contractor. Because no remodel can meet your standards of excellence without a truly excellent remodeler standing behind the work, you’ll ultimately enjoy your home much more if you take the trouble to coordinate schedules with your top-choice remodeler rather than opting for a rush job by a contractor who happens to be available. As the idiom goes, anything worth having is worth waiting for.

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