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The Future of Remodeling - Trends that Could Take Off in 2019

By Bryan Slowick | Jan 02, 2019

If 2018 was the year that saw a surge in technology in the home, 2019 is the year that stylistically balances that trend. In saying this, we’re certainly not saying there’ll be a decrease in home tech in the coming year; rather, we’re saying that 2019’s trending materials, styles, colors, patterns, etc. all reintroduce biophilic elements that balance our increasingly tech-centric lifestyles. After consulting some of today’s leading home remodeling and decorating authorities like Elle Decor, Decor Aid, House Beautiful, and Realtor.com, here’s our synthesis of what’s trending in 2019.


This year, we’re seeing an effort to reintroduce natural materials, including hardwood floors, stone, granite, and mixed metal accents, especially copper. In the kitchen, we’ll see a move away from greys and whites toward warmer and darker countertops. For furniture, deep velvets will continue coming back into style, alongside acrylics and tweed.


Style-wise, 2019 will be the year of sustainable, artisanal pieces. Home owners are gravitating toward detailed, one-of-a-kind, local craftsmanship. While this applies to everything from unique end tables in the living room to quirky, handcrafted leather drawer pulls in the kitchen, it’s particularly apparent and pervasive when it comes to lighting fixtures.

For furniture and decorating as a whole, we’ll see a departure from the strict minimalism that characterized 2018 toward softer lines, be that curved sofas, plush and comfortable chairs, or cushion embellishments like passamenterie.

Colors and Patterns

Just as the new year’s style is characterized by softer lines, we’re also seeing a shift from stark, cool greys and whites to soft, feminine colors like dusty pinks and bronzes. But 2019 isn’t afraid of color, either. It’s also the year of burnt yellows, tonal reds, and generally bold colors, including black bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes these hues are used as pops against otherwise white backgrounds. At other times, we’ll see full walls saturated with bold paints or heavily patterned wallpapers splashed with color.

Floral fabrics and floral and agate wallpapers are also in, as are daringly patterned, full-wall backsplashes. In the new year, patterns may even be mixed as we see a departure from the strict minimalism and clean, industrial lines that have been so popular in the past.

2019 Trends at a Glance

In general, 2019 emphasizes creativity, fun, and reminders of the natural plant and animal life outside our homes. We’ll be watching how the new year’s estimated trends continue to unfold, and we invite you to keep an eye on our remodeling portfolio to see how the new year’s materials, styles, colors, and patterns manifest and evolve!

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