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What to Consider When Designing Your Home Office

By Bryan Slowick | Sep 16, 2020

These days it is not uncommon for people to work a few days or every day from home. Not only are adults looking for a functional place to sit down and be productive, but so are our kids. Between homework, tutorials, remote classes, or home school, an organized defined space is what is needed for optimal productivity. Sitting down on the couch with your laptop can be a recipe for an unproductive disaster. There is no better time than now to remodel and create a defined dedicated space that you can work and study in. Here are some things to consider as you plan your home office/study room.



Not only can you define your work/study space walls, but you can also help define this space by flooring type. A hard floor or low pile carpet or rug is usually the best option when considering desk chairs moving in and out from under a desk.


What are your needs for optimal productivity?

Make sure as you plan your space - you know your needs. Will you need plenty of open desk space for sketching or drawing or do you need ample desk space for multiple monitors.


Are you distracted easily?

Do you get distracted easily or is an open space with windows inspiring to you? There are many factors to consider not only when remodeling your new office/study room, but also in the set up and placement of desks and other features. 


How many people will be utilizing the area?

Will you be sharing your space with someone else in the house? Maybe there needs to be multiple desk options or multiple seating options for everyone who is sharing the space. 



Do you need peace and quiet for calls and meetings or will you be keeping an eye on kids while working in your space? If you need privacy consider having a traditional door, pocket door, or even adding some style with a sliding barn door. If you are creating space in your basement for your home office/study room, make sure to closet off any pumps or mechanical equipment that may be in your area.



The more organized your space is the more productive you will be. Make sure you have a place to organize not just pens, notepads, and files, but also keep your cords wrapped and out of the way. Not only will being organized help you get down to business, but it helps keep the rest of your home looking tidy.



Do you have plenty of natural light or do you need to add additional lighting overhead and incorporate lamps. There have been studies that prove that uplight lamps help create a high performance environment. If you are adding natural light to your office and you plan to use the space for guests as well, make sure to install egress windows for emergencies.


dual purpose spaces

Will you be sharing your space with someone else in the house? Maybe there needs to be multiple desk options or multiple seating options for everyone who is sharing the space. Maybe your home office will double duty as a guest room. Consider installing a murphy bed for the occasional house guest.


Plenty of storage space

No one wants to see your files and work spread around. Incorporate plenty of storage for all your needs to create the perfect clean space! Built in shelves can not only be utilized for hidden storage, but can also add detail and design to your space.


personalize your space

Add decor and style to your space to create an environment that you want to spend time in. Maybe you need some pops of color to liven up your work area, or some photos of your family for some inspiration. 



Whether you are creating a new home office or study room in your basement or maybe in a guest room, make sure to create an environment where you can feel productive and comfortable. Call our team at BDS to talk through the needs you have, and we can help design and create a home space that you can wake up ready to get down to business in.


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