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Top 5 Luxurious Bathroom Upgrades

By Bryan Slowick | Jul 05, 2017

Nothing provides rejuvenation like being able to begin and end your day in a space that provides relaxation and comfort. And what better place to introduce this tranquil ambiance than in your private luxury bathroom? Today we will share high-end upgrade ideas to transform your morning and evening rituals into serene, spa-like experiences.

1. Radiant In-Floor Heating

Have you ever dreaded ending your steamy shower to step out onto a cold stone floor? No longer do you have to instantly undo the soothing effect of your hot shower. With radiant in-floor heating  installed below your bathroom tiles, you can simply flip a switch to trigger warm and noiseless heating that extends and preserves the warmth of the water long after bathing.

2. Remote-Control Fireplace

If you really want to increase your coziness, consider installing a fireplace. You can choose anything from a modern, remote-controlled, flat-paned, open gas fireplace to a classy, wood-burning stove look-alike. Not only will you be upping your ambiance, but you will also be increasing your light and warmth during dreary winter days.

3. Heated Towel Racks

Just in case you didn’t have enough in-room heating options, be sure to install a heated towel rack. There’s no better way to invest in a one-time cost to reap repeated satisfaction. Just ask our these homeowners in Glencoe about their day-to-day favorite addition: the bathroom’s heated towel rack.

4. Morning Bar

Do you want to feel like a resort guest in your own home? Here’s the answer: a morning bar breakfast nook inside your luxury bathroom. Add an espresso machine and mini refrigerator for morning mimosas and wine cooler for a slow glass of evening relaxation in your soak tub or chromatherapy bathtub.

If you want to take your morning bar retreat in your bathroom haven to the next level, complement your new arrangement with lounge furniture and a flat-screen TV. The only danger? You may never want to leave.

5. Chromatherapy Bathtub

Never heard of a chromatherapy bathtub before? That doesn’t mean you won’t want one. Studies have shown that infusing space with color aides immensely in relaxation. 

Install chromatherapy features in your soaker tub or shower, and be sure to select an option that will allow you to experience a range of colors. According to Aquatic Bath, each color has its own purpose: white light purifies and clarifies the senses, yellow light stimulates hopeful and creative thinking, light red energizes and sparks courage, orange invigorates and awakens, magenta reduces anxiety, green brings balance and harmony, and turquoise treats with tranquility. 

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