Modern vs Classic Kitchen Remodels

By Bryan Slowick | Apr 23, 2021

Like all parts of culture and life, styles and trends come in and out like the wind. Jeans are skinny or flared, hair is big or sleek, and home design styles are no different. Most homes tend to lean towards a more classic or a more modern atmosphere depending on what suits your family’s style. Unlike buying a new pair of jeans, a home remodel is more of an investment, so it is good to know what style is the best fit for your home’s aesthetic.


Designing a Classic Kitchen




When it comes to designing a classic kitchen here are some of the most common features: 

  • Neutral woods 

  • Neutral color palette

  • Subway tiles

  • White Cabinets

  • Detailing but not ornate cabinetry

  • Marble and Granite

  • Rich flooring materials

  • Timeless look creates a flexible design

  • Chrome, Nickel, Brass, Black hardware


This design choice is simple yet not minimal with neutral tones and design. A classic kitchen remodel will take you across years of design changes but still look fresh and in style. 



Designing a modern Kitchen




Designing a modern kitchen calls for a home design that is sleek and not afraid of risks. A few design features often seen in a modern kitchen are:

  • Simple clean lines

  • Frameless cabinets

  • Bold colors

  • Gloss Cabinets

  • Industrial style

  • Modern appliances

  • Minimal decor

  • Simple hardware, no hardware or hidden finger pulls or push to open


Make sure this modern kitchen remodel flows well with the rest of your home. You do not want to be doing a generational time hop as you move from room to room. Think about not only the outside architectural details, but also the inside design. 





Ready to get your kitchen started?  Or, not sure what style fits your home? Our team at BDS is here to walk through all your options for design and construction. We can help analyze your current space with what you dream your kitchen will someday look like! Call our team today to schedule your consultation



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