Lake Zurich Home Remodel

By Bryan Slowick | Nov 02, 2020

Helping our clients create the home they are dreaming of is our greatest joy! We love knowing their homes are now functioning better for their needs and looking beautiful as well. Our team works hard to not only produce a beautiful result, but we want this experience to be something each client enjoys! We love hearing how happy our clients are with the results, and one of the greatest compliments is a return client!

Our BDS team had the pleasure of working on the Lake Zurich project not once but twice! Our first project involved a master bathroom and kitchen remodel, and our second time to work with this client was for a fireplace, basement, and hall bathroom remodel! After 27 years in their house and as we can all understand, dogs, kids and life can get in the way of planning a remodel. Now that the kids are older and moved out, it was time for the house to become theirs again! Our team was able to earn their trust with the organization and budget that worked perfectly for them. 


Creating a beautiful kitchen

The first stage of this remodel involved the kitchen. For this kitchen portion of this project, the goal was to create a gorgeous, functional and organized space! We created a cabinet for every dish and small appliance allowing each item to have its own place. We increased the storage as well as improved the lighting not only for cooking but also for display. We were able to solve dead corner issues and improve the seating area. Modern lighting, hardware and appliances took this kitchen to a new level of functionality and style. Gorgeous white semi-custom cabinets topped with a stunning quartzite countertop with veining gave this kitchen a classic clean white on white look. We added a stained cabinet wall where the fridge sits for an accent to this space. The cabinets allowed for internal storage solutions as well with spice racks, silverware racks, and pull out shelving in the pantry. 


Home kitchen remodel in Lake Zurich by BDS Design Build Remodel



Transforming the Master Bathroom

As we moved into the remodel of the bathroom, the goal was to transform this original bathroom from outdated to a sleek modern space. We opened up the space to allow for a light to flow through with a glass shower. In the shower we continued the clean white and bright design. A free standing tub allowed for a beautiful focal point as well as a relaxing place to wind down from the day! Stained cabinets and modern hardware allowed for a style and functionality in this no longer outdated space! In addition to the physical appearance we also increased the lighting and added proper ventilation to this incredible bathroom. 


Home master bathroom remodel in Lake Zurich by BDS Design Build Remodel



From Outdated to Modern

When our clients reached out to have a phase two renovation with our team at BDS, we were thrilled to tackle another project with them! This time around we would be rebuilding their fireplace as well as refinishing their basement and a hall bathroom. 


As was the goal in phase one, this time around we wanted to continue to bring this space from outdated to modern and functional! For the fireplace we added a new wood burning firebox and flue. The new fireplace is now safe and can function as wood burning or gas. To match with the style in the kitchen, we added a soapstone hearth and matching materials to flow with the adjacent areas. 


Home fireplace update in Lake Zurich by BDS Design Build Remodel



Updating the Hall Bathroom

In the hall bathroom, we created a light bright welcoming bathroom suitable for kids or to share with guests. We continued the white on white look with white cabinets and beautiful white countertops with veining throughout. White subway tiles, and modern fixtures complete this whole bathroom and add to the updated look of this home. 


Hall bathroom remodel in Lake Zurich by BDS Design Build Remodel



A Brand New Basement

As we moved into the basement we refinished the flooring with fresh updated carpet and high quality beautiful vinyl plank flooring. Updating the floor in the basement allowed this space to be more modern but the vinyl plank also helps to absorb sound similar to the way carpet does. This space is now ready to be lived in and loved for many more years to come!


Basement home remodel in Lake Zurich by BDS Design Build Remodel


"BDS completed extensive renovations to our house, including a new kitchen, new master bath, new flooring throughout and paint. We are thrilled with the results!  Bryan and his team were professional and easy to work with. They developed a comprehensive plan, effectively managed the project within time and budget constraints, and exhibited excellent communication throughout the project. We highly recommend BDS for your home renovations."  - Homeowners



If you are ready to make some long awaited and much needed remodels to your home, call our team to schedule a consultation! We can’t wait to walk you through the process from beginning to end as we unveil the hidden potential of your home!


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