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Kitchen & Bonus Room Remodel in Libertyville

By Bryan Slowick | Jul 18, 2022

Many of us love to host and entertain, but we often find ourselves looking around our home wishing we had a better space to gather with friends and family! Our Libertyville homeowners decided to turn a previous exercise space into a fantastic new entertaining space with a stunning wet bar perfect to serve drinks to everyone, especially with the new kegerator! The whole neighborhood will want to come over for the latest movies and game nights. Our BDS team also remodeled the kitchen to create a gorgeous space to prepare food and host all of their guests. 




The current home layout had an exercise room that our homeowners decided to transform into this incredible entertaining space. Not only can guests hang out and watch a movie  or come over to play some games, but  they are also able to come to serve or be served at the amazing new wet bar! Our BDS team created a brand new wet bar with a kegerator and mini drink fridge. The warm dark wood cabinets for the bar are topped with a light veined countertop. A stunning copper sink with matching hardware creates a stylish and functional space for our homeowners to treat their guests. A fresh backsplash and updated flooring made this room beautiful and welcoming. 


BDS School 003-1

BDS School 001-1

BDS School 010

BDS School 012-1




The BDS team also updated the kitchen to maximize the kitchen island and allow for a perfect place to prepare food for the family and their guests. We expanded the island to create a large workspace and it was blended seamlessly into the existing island. The dark wood cabinets created the perfect contrast with the white kitchen cabinets. We finished off this kitchen remodel with updated countertops and a new sink to create a classic kitchen for our homeowners to enjoy. To create a cohesive look, the finishes were kept clean and classic. Appliances were updated and a new sink installed. Pendant lighting brightens up this kitchen and adds a gorgeous style element. 


BDS School 021-1
BDS School 017-1
BDS School 016



Do you love to host? Not loving your current space when it comes to having guests over? Are you ready to transform your home into a place you are happy to invite family and friends over to watch movies and hang out? Call our BDS team today to schedule a consultation with our team. We will walk you through the process from start to finish!



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