Keeping renovations mess-free and on-track

By Bryan Slowick | Mar 07, 2020

Let’s face it, the thought of remodeling any area of your home can feel overwhelming. From the mess to coordinating contractors to picking out details, thinking about planning a remodel can exhaust you before you even start!

Maybe you have put a lot of thought into the design of your dream space, or maybe you haven’t. Either way our experienced team at BDS is here to take that stress, you know the one that has you up late at night raiding the refrigerator looking to eat your stress away, off your plate.

One of the many things our team loves is helping our clients not just survive a project, but walking with you as you truly enjoy the process of watching the space you have dreamed about actually come to life!

Any type of transformation takes work, and that is what we do best! Here are some of our favorite practices that we follow for each and every project as we partner with you to work through this exciting process.


Taped sign to a door that reads, "Be cautious. Pets at home. Please keep doors closed."Cleanliness and safety are our top priority: Dust and floor protection protocols, jobsite expectation signs posted at every project, pet safety plans, and HEPA filters. We know the last thing you want to do is worry about the mess, and you don’t have to! We take care of all those details for you from the floors to your pets.


Man sitting typing on a laptop.Organization is key: Construction management software helps our clients stay up to date on their project features and schedule. We care about the details, and we keep track of them too!



BDS team member pointing at a board of sticky notes with the work process outlined.Processes from start to finish: We follow a process driven system for communication, scheduling, and job site expectations on every remodeling project from design through warranty. Whether you love the idea of following along in all the process details or just want to think about the exciting parts of the project -- our team has the process down.


Two men working with saws to cut a piece of wood on the interior of a home.Oversite keeps us all on task: Our project manager provides all supervision and management of our trade partners. There is no detail or part of your project that our project manager will not have eyes on from start to finish.

two men discussing the contents on a mobile phoneCommunication is a must: Daily and weekly communication regarding scheduling and status updates throughout the project. Our team will keep you well informed during each stage of your remodel.


So leave the stress to our team here at BDS. We know you have other things on your schedule, and there is no need for you to spend your precious time worrying about HEPA filters and processes. We want you to enjoy the fun details, and leave those not so fun details to our team.

Whether you are new to us or back for another project… start dreaming about your new space! Let our team remove the barriers and put you at ease as we make your dream ideas and dream home come true! 

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