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Hang 'em High

By Bryan Slowick | Jun 29, 2015

Well its rained 35 of the last 30 days so let's continue to focus on the inside...

The Floors were installed and finished showing the last connection between old and new. The original floors were installed in 1929 so there is no reason to try and match- just let the beauty of both the old and new wood show through. The original floors refinished beautifully and all the holes, gouges and pits provide character.

img_5866 img_5867 img_5875


We had the new Wellborn cabinets delivered and installation started today too. Hanging the upper cabinets first prevents having to reach over and potentially damage the base cabinets. I recommend a minimum of at least 3 coats of finish on hardwood floors, 4 if its a heavy traffic area or large pets. A water-based finish like Streetshoe provides a nice durable coating.

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