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Gravel and Backfill

By Bryan Slowick | Apr 03, 2015

We are now filling in the areas around the outside of the foundations. If the area is to be finished as a walkway, driveway or patio we use pea gravel to avoid settling in the future. Soil that has been excavated can expand by as much as 30% which means you can expect quite a bit of sinkage in areas where that dirt is used as fill.  It will be nice to clear out some of the mud and clean up a messy site...


Foundation backfill, damproofing, drain tile Foundation backfill, damproofing, drain tile



Garage backfill and gravel Garage backfill and gravel


You can also see both the sump pit and ejector pit in the far corner of the main house. The sump pit collects the ground water collecting in the drain tile surrounding the foundation and eventually this will be pumped out to the Storm sewer. We strongly recommend a battery back up system on any sump drain system- a minor cost compared to a flooded basement.


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