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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022 - Good Housekeeping

By Bryan Slowick | Mar 01, 2022

You may love to follow new trends, maybe you tend to lean towards what is classic, or maybe you just stay true to your own style! We love to keep you updated on the trends for design for each year, whether that means you go all out trendy or just pick and choose a few trends to blend in with your design. According to Good Housekeeping, here are the trends we will be seeing for 2022 when it comes to design.



Muted green kitchen colors on painted kitchen cabinets with black hexagon tile backsplash.AMANDA ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY

1. Muted Green

Green comes in a variety of shades and tones, and we have often seen green be a popular home design trend. This past year jewel tones have been seen around home designs, but this year it looks like those greens will mellow out to more mid-tone greens to blend with neutrals.



Vintage wooden dining table with an oriental rug, vintage stovetop in kitchen.AMY BARTLAM

2. Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture will be a design that never goes out of style. These unique pieces can add design and impact to every room of your home. Whether it is as a dining table in your gathering space or an antique piece repurposed as a kitchen island or bathroom vanity. Spice up any area of your home with a vintage gem.



White waterfall marble kitchen island with marble backsplash and marble hood vent.HULYA KOLABAS

3. Marble

Marble - it is clean, classic, and you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous stone. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to flooring, and even outdoors, we are seeing this classic yet stylish stone pop up in every area of homes. Make sure to check with your design team to be sure the material is a good fit for the activity of the space since this is a porous material.



Modern wood cabinets with wooden refrigerator doors and wine refrigerator.COURTESY OF SUB-ZERO

4. Customizable Appliances

These special appliances may not be for everyone, as they are definitely a splurge purchase! Customizable appliances typically involve high end custom paneling that allow your appliances to blend seamlessly with the cabinets in your kitchen.



Unique hexagon backsplash tiles.JANE BEILES

5. Unique Tiles

Unique tiles are a trend that have been in style in recent years. We have seen these tiles pop up anywhere from guest bathroom floors to laundry rooms. More recently we are seeing them on kitchen backsplashes to add style, texture, and color.



Open kitchen to living room with blue backsplash tiles and white kitchen cabinets.COURTESY OF MICHELLE HARRISON-MCALLISTER

6. Living Room Extensions

Blending the kitchen and living room space has been a common theme as well in recent years. These two spaces are the most commonly gathered in every home, so it makes perfect sense for the kitchen to be an extension of the living room.



Seamless backsplash white marble tile in a beautiful classic kitchen.LISA ROMEREIN

7. Seamless Backsplashes and Countertops

The seamless connection of backsplash and countertop creates a bold sophisticated style that pops in any kitchen. The dramatic impact is clean and cohesive and the envy of all modern kitchens.



Bold kitchen colors with white marble countertop, black cabinets and wooden cabinet combination.COURTESY OF LAUREN LERNER

8. Bold Colors

Bold colors are not just showing up in paint and tile choices, but now in appliances and technology. Not brave enough to splurge on an appliance in your favorite shade of green? Not to worry, you can always add a splash of design with your favorite bold color in your accent choices.



green marble countertops with vintage stovetop and wooden cabinets.COURTESY OF MARK LAVENDER

9. Green Marble

If you are feeling very bold, green marble is sure to make your home on trend! You can add this stunning marble to your kitchen or to a bathroom vanity or tile.



Classic 1950's style kitchen trend with blue geometric tile and light blue painted cabinets.COURTESY OF ANNIE SLOAN

10. 1950s Style

Love the retro vibe? This design trend is for you! Vibrant and bold hues that were once popular in the 1950s are now making a comeback. They always say styles circle back around, and this is the year for the 50s.



Ready to incorporate one or multiple of this year's trends in your next home remodel?

Our team is ready to listen to your vision and style to help come up with the perfect home remodel for your unique style and requests. We can’t wait to get started on your project with you!


Check out the full article here: 

Good Housekeeping Design Trends for 2022



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