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Why Using a Design & Build Firm is the Right Decision for your Home Remodel

By Bryan Slowick | Apr 29, 2016

The Design Build Institute of America predicts that as many as half of all future construction projects will be implemented by a design and build contractor. Here are just a few benefits people can realize from using a design and build firm.


Better Communication

It can be difficult to keep up with progress or even get answers to questions when there are multiple contractors involved in a project. That’s not a problem people have to worry about when they use a design and build firm. There is only one contractor to deal with, and clients are typically assigned a representative to work with one on one. As such, answers to any questions are typically just a phone call away.

Consistent Results

Many times, homeowners are discouraged to find that their project isn’t quite what they had expected. This often happens whenever one firm is responsible for the planning phase and another for building. Ideas are often not articulated well between the two contractors, leaving homeowners with less than satisfactory results. The problem only becomes compounded even further when a building contractor subcontracts all or part of a job out.

Greater Control for the Homeowner

Having a single firm responsible for all aspects of a project ultimately gives the homeowner greater control. When multiple contractors are involved, it is not uncommon for each of them to shift blame to another whenever there is a problem. This scenario is completely eliminated with a design and build firm. In the event there is a problem, the client is also far less likely to receive the runaround because it is already clear who is responsible.

Time Savings

Design and build contractors are better able to coordinate efforts between planners, buyers, and construction personnel in order to save time. One way people save time is by eliminating the bidding process between subcontractors, something that is very common when more than one company is involved. Design and build firms can make long lead time purchases early on, thereby eliminating wait times. There are also fewer delays in construction while waiting for contracts to be signed or permits to be obtained.

Better Quality Results

Contractors who know they are responsible for every aspect of a project are far more likely to pay attention to detail. As such, those who use a design and build firm are far more likely to see quality results. If a problem is discovered, it is much easier to rectify than if multiple contractors were involved. In addition, most design and build firms rely a great deal on their reputation to help them secure new clients, and will therefore go out of their way to ensure that each and every project is completed to perfection.
In all, having the same design and build firm responsible for all aspects of a project benefits everyone. Those who are considering new construction would do well to consider using a reputable design and build contractor.

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