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Customized Homes: What Options Would You Include?

By Bryan Slowick | Aug 16, 2016

If you had the option to build a completely customized home, what would you want more than anything else? A huge laundry room? A completely finished basement? Maybe a second sink in the kitchen? Here are some bright ideas from homeowners who have hired custom home builders to create their dream homes.

#1 – Radiant Heat

At the top of the list of things that people want in their custom homes, radiant heat is one of the absolute best. Essentially, it warms wood, tile, or even concrete floors and the heat radiates upward throughout the room to keep you warm. In the wintertime, it’s a blessing – you’ll actually want to walk around without your shoes on for a change! When the floors aren’t cold, you aren’t either, and you can even keep the temperature set a bit lower to save money without sacrificing your comfort.

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#2 – Efficient Doors and Entries

Have you ever wished that the screen door in your kitchen would swing both ways so carrying food to and from the patio for guests wouldn’t be such a chore? What about a similar door in your laundry room to make hauling loads of clean and dirty clothes that much simpler? Fortunately, both of these are options when you customize your home. They’re both completely possible, and the truth is that they’re cost-effective solutions, too.

#3 – Second Washer/Dryer Set in the Mudroom

If you have kids, pets, or both, then you know what it’s like to haul dirty towels and clothes from the mudroom across your house to your laundry room. It’s times like these that a second washer and dryer could come in very, very handy. Why not install a stackable set right in your mudroom and hide them in a ventilated closet? This way, your kids can kick off their muddy, wet clothes right there in the mudroom, and they can go straight into the wash. The same can be said for the towels you use to dry your furry four-legged children after going out in the rain.

#4 – Hidden Toilets

Another common request among homeowners who are building custom homes is the removal of toilets from sightlines when entering bathrooms. This is also a fairly simple request; often, it just means adding a dividing wall between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. In some cases, it’s even feasible to put the toilet in its own enclosed space with its own exhaust fan, too.

#5 – Whole-Home Sound System

If you’re a fan of music (and who isn’t?) then a whole-home sound system could be your best friend. Essentially, the goal involves putting speakers in every single room of your home – much like a school building with its facility-wide PA system. Your music center should be in a central part of your house and include a radio, internet or satellite radio connectivity, a CD player, and Bluetooth technology for streaming music from your smartphone or MP3 player. Then, just use a built-in application to choose which rooms get the sound, and you can hear your favorite tunes all throughout the house.

Custom homes provide many, many advantages as they allow homeowners to create their very own personalized spaces. Whether you want toilets that are invisible upon entering the bathroom or a second washer and dryer in your mudroom, anything is possible.

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