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Why We Changed Our Name From "BDS Construction" to "BDS Design Build Remodel"

By Bryan Slowick | Aug 22, 2017

What’s in a name? Quite a bit. It’s never easy to evolve as a company, but when you’re certain the evolution is in the right direction, the result is well worth the growing pains. About a year ago, we changed our name from "BDS Construction" to "BDS Design Build Remodel" to more accurately reflect our internal changes as one of the top design build remodeling companies in Chicago’s North Shore area.

Why We Changed

Why the change? When we first founded BDS in 2003, we started purely as a construction company. Bryan, who had graduated with a degree in architecture, first worked in an architectural office in the Chicago area. His true passion, however, was working on-site in the construction field itself. So he dedicated himself to studying construction trades, working alongside plumbers, electricians, production managers, and every other trade required when remodeling a home. Bryan learned every aspect of remodeling a home and eventually opened his own company—BDS Construction Inc.

For our first several years as BDS Construction, we brought fine craftsmanship to other architects’ designs. But over the years, Bryan’s training as an architect and his strong eye for design became a sought-after service in his clients’ projects.

With our addition of a Design Consultant on the team to help Bryan, we began offering full-service contracting with in-house design capabilities as well as construction management services. This is why we are proud to change our name from "BDS Construction" to "BDS Design Build Remodel."

The Practical Differences

So what exactly is the difference between working with a design-build company rather than a general construction company? Essentially, working with a design-build company means that all your needs for your home makeover are met at the same place; both design and construction.

There are several benefits to working with a single company: 1) communication is much faster and clearer because all your answers are under one roof and everyone is on the same team; 2) your overall timeline is expedited because companies aren’t batting the ball back and forth; 3) quality control is well-modulated and remains consistent from beginning to end; 4) there are no blame-games played with other companies, so your contractor’s reputation is directly dependent on your project’s success; 5) best of all, your costs are better controlled due to better planning and processes.

Think of it this way: choosing a design-build company rather than a separate designer and a general construction contractor is like shopping at one store for everything you need rather than cobbling together several trips to different stores.

You save time and have better peace-of-mind with design-build companies, and for BDS Design Build Remodel in particular, you can also rest assured that you are shopping with a family-friendly company (we pride ourselves on a high-level of customer service), local (we service the Chicago North shore area exclusively), and the best quality on the market (every one of our staff members is a specially trained expert in their field, and we consistently earn top reviews).

Who We Are

We do what we do not out of necessity. There are several design-build remodeling companies in Chicago’s North shore, and we had plenty of work as a top-end construction company. We do what we do because it is our passion, because we have a unique and cohesive vision to contribute to the design world, and because offering unfailing excellence in every element of your home is who we are.

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