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7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinetry

By Bryan Slowick | Dec 06, 2017

Signs are like symptoms. They are physical manifestations that indicate deeper issues. Today, let’s look at seven of the tell-tale signs indicating that you need to remodel your kitchen cabinets in your Chicago North Shore area home to restore it to full functionality.

1. You Find Yourself Daydreaming on Houzz and Pinterest                                 

At BDS, we firmly believe that beauty should not be regarded as a luxury. If you find yourself regularly browsing Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram to fuel your daydreams about your ideal kitchen, chances are that your home may need an aesthetic refresh. This isn’t necessarily a private indulgence—the wonderful thing about beauty is that it’s a gift to everyone who comes in contact with it, including your family and friends.

2. You’re Tired of Drawers Slamming and Doors Hanging Open

More practically, it could be time to remodel your kitchen cabinets in Chicago if you’re battling daily maintenance issues. In older homes, this usually looks like drawers that slam with the slightest nudge or doors that hang open even when you shut them. If this is true of your kitchen, or if you’ve noticed water damage, scratches, or faded finishes, it’s probably time to update. When you order new cabinetry, you’ll also have the chance to install soft-close action and adjustable alignment features.

3. You’re Running out of Storage Space

Another practical sign that you need to remodel is finding yourself running out of storage space. If your cabinets are jammed with dishes or you can never find the right utensil in your spatula drawer, it’s probably time to upgrade cabinets. You’ll likely need to add more cabinetry, at which time you may also consider implementing specialty drawer organizers such as those pictured in this Libertyville kitchen remodel.

4. Your Kitchen is Awkward to Cook In

Do you find yourself running out of counter space when you’re cooking or feeling cramped while prepping for Thanksgiving dinner with your family? In this case, the problem is usually the layout of the cabinetry. It may be time to call in a design build company to help you design a more functional layout.

5. You Miss Family Breakfasts

Having a nice kitchen isn’t just about utility; it’s also about relationship. Often, kitchens are the hubs of family life, so if your kitchen is neglected, it won’t be a desirable place to congregate. Consider adding a peninsula or island to accommodate barstools for family breakfasts when you redesign your kitchen cabinetry.

6. You Plan to Sell Your House Soon

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to up your kitchen game has to do with resale value. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms that prospective buyers evaluate, and a new, clean look can greatly increase your home’s overall value.

7. You Need a Fresh Lifestyle Start

Finally, don’t discount the power of physical settings in supporting resolutions related to healthier living. A 2017 Houzz survey reported that 33% of homeowners lead healthier lifestyles after remodeling their kitchens. This includes more family time, more home-cooked meals, more entertaining, more sit-down meals, and a more fruit-and-vegetable-based diet, among other benefits. Improving your health and your family’s health is just as strong of a reason to renovate your kitchen as any other.

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