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6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Sanity During A Remodel

By Bryan Slowick | Feb 14, 2018

1. Know Your Contractor’s Daily Schedule

One of the easiest ways to keep your sanity while living in home during a remodel is to know what to expect. This advice may sound obvious, but unfortunately, lack of preparation and unrealistic assumptions are both common for first-time remodelers in the Chicago North Shore area, and nothing is more stress-inducing than unmet expectations.

An experienced contractor will prepare you for construction by outlining the project timeline as well as what to expect during its constituent phases, including details like noise levels and dust. Make sure you also know the specific hours your construction team will be in your house every day.

Additionally, exchange contact information with your project manager and make sure you know the best way to reach him if questions arise. This way, you will eliminate surprises, and with it stress, as far as possible.

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2. Keep Your Own Daily Schedule

Now that you know the schedule to expect on site, it’ll be easier to know how to adjust your own schedule. Be careful, however, not to let your construction schedule dominate your life. Stick with normal meal times, cleaning days, and any other routines you already have in place that the project doesn’t directly affect. Consistency and order in your personal life will help offset the disorder in your physical surroundings and keep your life on track.


3. Set up Work-Arounds for the Area Under Construction

Don’t put your life on hold during construction. Ask your contractor to help you set up work-arounds for the rooms you’re renovating so that you can keep your home livable. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you might clear out your dining room, bedroom, or laundry room and plug your refrigerator, toaster oven, and appliances in next to a table. Normal life doesn’t have to stop during construction—it just needs to be rearranged.


4. Don’t Neglect Self-Care

Have a plan for taking care of yourself. This can mean different things to different people. Sometimes, it’s as simple as making sure you’re sticking with your exercise routine and healthy eating patterns. Other times, it means allowing yourself a treat like a massage or a weekly night out. Whatever it is, plan ahead so that you have something to look forward to.


5. Be Ready to Take a Step Back

Even with these plans in place, you may still find yourself wanting to take a step back from your project. Know that it’s okay if you want to take a mini vacation by spending a couple nights at a hotel or at a relative’s house. Think of this as a strategy to keep yourself refreshed.


6. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Living in home during a remodel can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing more exciting than being on site while your visions become reality. Witnessing each new phase will make you appreciate the end result immensely. Remember that the outcome is worth it.

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