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3 Beautiful North Shore Chicago Kitchen Remodels

By Bryan Slowick | Mar 15, 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the center of family life and an indispensable element in creating and fostering community. As such, we love it when a kitchen reflects the personalities of the people who live in it. Let’s take a look at BDS Design Build Remodel’s most unique kitchen remodeling projects in the Chicago North Shore area.

Modern Lincoln Park Kitchen Remodel


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Some people have more than a pinch of personality, and so do their homes. This Lincoln Park kitchen is one such space.  Each element is bursting with character.

The wood flooring adds a dash of energy by running diagonally, departing from the plumb lines of the walls and cabinets, drawing our eyes and our attention into the heart of the kitchen. The main window to the right is bumped out, bidding the outside in. This both provides light and makes the room feel light, almost as if we are look out from a greenhouse. There are multiple housing levels in play, as we see from the steps leading to the door and the half wall that conceals steps to a basement.

Yet even with so many individual features, this kitchen manages to maintain a unified vision. This is largely because the main colors, including the cabinetry, floor, and countertops, are all light neutrals. Where there are splashes of vibrant color, they are echoed throughout.

The bright tile backsplash is the same color as the stretch of wall above the window and door. The heather in the door is restated in the wall outcropping above the cabinets and the half wall to the right. The colors are not blocked together but are rotated throughout.

Poppy House Kitchen Remodel


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In the Poppy House kitchen remodel, wood is the most distinguishing feature. The cabinets present two different kinds of wood, while the floor introduces a third. This, combined with fixtures like an industrial-sized stove and a moveable metal faucet built into the variegated tile backsplash above it, gives the kitchen a solid and grounded gravitas.

Nevertheless, this client was careful not to go overboard. The dark tones are offset by abundant lighting: recessed can lighting, a custom chandelier, and under-the-cabinet lighting. The kitchen also maintains balance by using a medley of woods to demarcate and highlight different kitchen units. The darker of the cabinetry woods, for example, is used to frame and emphasize the stove, whereas the lighter cabinetry covers the remaining surfaces. The dark barstools, the chandelier, and the floor color replicate and unite the stove unit with the larger design.

Barrington Main House Kitchen Remodel


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Just in case the first two kitchens weren’t enough to convince you that kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be conventional, we present to you the Barrington Main House kitchen.

Fancy a swim after breakfast? How about sitting in a nook surrounded by large glass panes overlooking a gorgeous garden? Or perhaps a more relaxed view of the pool while sipping a mimosa? If formal dining is your favorite, there’s also a stately table stretching into an adjacent hall.

Looking more closely at the style, we see that the heavy metal structural beams are offset by light Japanese wooden cabinetry and a pagoda-style ceiling reaching up to embrace a skylight. Even the solid stone surrounding the pool is complemented by large indoor plants. All elements of nature are present: stone, wood, metal, brick, water, sunlight, and greenery, making this kitchen a veritable indoor paradise.

Closing Thoughts

With all these examples of creative and unique kitchens, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with opting for a simple and classic design like the one featured in this month’s project highlight. But as well-seasoned kitchen remodeling contractors, it’s our delight to remind you of what is possible and to say, “It’s okay to dream.”

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